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itinerant talisman

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Itinerant Komorebi Talisman is designed with a private key to enter our club. You will receive two cards with different codes, one is your private, we don't want you to share it with anyone, and you will get detail information after you receive it and another with public code will earn you points. Every card will have a unique code.

The second talisman card we want you to use with your friends or others, it doesn't matter who but anyone who will scan your talisman will receive extra points same as you. More you use your public talisman more bonuses you will receive. For example talisman can be used when you provide to someone any kind of a service or just help and in return as an appreciation you will receive points by scaning your talisman.

​If you want the best out of your life you will enjoy our private club; we are not the regular social club you know, thanks to our privacy you will be able to enjoy your experience on a much higher level. Privacy is what makes people special, unique, without stress or worries.

Privacy is not a bad thing; it's an enhancement of your life filled with common sense and understanding of trust. Once you add privacy into your life, you will experience real freedom. 

Komorebi(KBI) is our secured cryptocurrency, you can use it to purchase unique things as VIP access, private parties, access to luxury hotels, clubs, private yachts...will be available to buy only with our private decentralized cryptocurrency KBI.

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